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I recently went on a trip to Boston. I really enjoyed the city as well as the time and space the trip provided for reading, discussion, and introspection. On the flight home, I wrote down some thoughts.

For fun, this blog post is being shared as photos from my notebook. (I saw this on another blog once; Noah Kagan’s, perhaps). Included after the photos is a typed version, if you prefer (which contains some very minimal edits).

(from a partial page; photo not included):
For some context, the thoughts below were written at the end of a week-long stay in Boston which included, among other things:

  • being in an academic/erudite environment
  • visiting Walden Pond (and starting to read its namesake book)
  • a delightful evening of conversation with a good friend I haven’t seen in years
  • being away from the usual daily distractions


photo of notebook page; contents typed below


photo of notebook page; contents typed below


photo of notebook page; contents typed below


Things I want to do/learn/become:

Speak: English

Build and create with wood & crafts
Sketch and draw
learn to program
learn paragliding
Read classic and good literature
Become familiar with the sciences
Guide and mentor others and help
Write. Share my thoughts
Be able to identify birds, plants, and rocks.
Have a healthy, strong, staminous(?) body
Continue becoming proficient w/musical instruments
Nurture and maintain relationships

Some thoughts regarding the items on the previous page:

There is one item that partly (if not mostly) can be done without needing time. A healthy body. All other items require time in learning, practicing, or doing, but having a healthy body can be at least somewhat achieved by changing things I’m already doing—that is, eating habits and choices. Possibly also in changing how I do things to be more active.

Because the things on this list need time (and, notably, need almost solely time), it would be wise to reduce the time it takes to do items not on this list (e.g., e-mail, logistics, even showering). Indeed, there may be some items which need not be done at all.

Nearly all of the items on the list require no additional money or resources than what is already available to me. There is an abundance of free and accessible information and methods of learning. Also, there is no need to wait for more money, different tools, or a different state to do these things.

If I find myself not in a mindset to be doing a current/primary project (reading, building a business, whatever it may be), consider the other items on the list. Of course there may be times when I would benefit from, or desire, relaxation or a break—and that is ok—the various items on the list may, at times, provide that relaxation and break.

After providing for the “necessities of life”—that is, food and shelter—I desire to spend my time on the items in this list (which is admittedly incomplete). In addition, I desire to consider and seek for more time-effective ways to provide for those necessities and to make the current ways more time-efficient.

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